Rep. Bonham: Family Leave Bill that stays with the worker

Most of the proposed paid family leave bills died midway through the Oregon Legislature, but one remains—and it’s likely to hurt small businesses.

Many lawmakers have been making a promise to provide workers with paid family leave for births, adoptions, and other medically necessary time off, and introduced legislation to do so. Under current law, employees working for companies with 25 or more workers can receive up to 12 weeks off for military or family leave, but under the new legislation, they would be paid. Continue reading

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Rep Post: Improving access to cold medicine

Capitol update series,

In 2005, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill that made pseudoephedrine products like Sudafed available by prescription only.   There was a good reason for it back then, as pseudoephedrine was a key ingredient in the methamphetamine that was being produced in home labs and frequently resulted in explosions.   This new prescription law created long lines, delays and people who would even travel out of state just to get their simple cold medicine.

However, times have changed since the passage of House Bill 2485. And now, Rep. Bill Post (R-Keizer) has introduced legislation to delete the requirement that pseudoephedrine be classified as a Schedule III controlled substance. Continue reading

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Rep. Stark: Helping retired law enforcement officers protect our schools

A 2018 Oregon Report on school safety by the University of Oregon shows that students are feeling less safe in our schools. Rep. Duane Stark (R-Grants Pass) has been trying to work on solutions in our education system. One simple idea that would help has been brought to his attention by the City of Grants Pass. Continue reading

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Rep. Sprenger: A way to restore steelhead fish

Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, R. HD 17, currently serves on eight, count them, eight committees this during the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session – almost as many committees as years she’s been an elected legislator. Continue reading

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Rep. Zika’s affordable housing solution

The Oregon Legislature looks poised to approve a bill co-sponsored by Rep. Jack Zika enabling construction of 485 new housing units—half of those for people with below-average incomes—on land outside of Redmond.

Zika, R-Redmond, is optimistic for passage of House Bill 2336, which sailed through the House unanimously. Continue reading

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Will Oregonians have vote in death penalty debate?

A bill in the Oregon House of Representatives (HB 3268) would essentially abolish the death penalty in the state with only one exception—for terrorists who kill two or more people.  At the same time a major Oregon newspaper is asking lawmakers to send the issue to voters who twice reaffirmed the state’s death penalty laws. Continue reading

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How trade war is hurting Oregon

An escalating trade war between the United States and China, along with tit-for-tat tariffs on imported goods, may curtail business in West Coast ports, reducing labor hours and creating a ripple effect throughout the Pacific Northwest economy.

The latest volley in the trade war brings the battle to the Pacific Northwest home front, especially its ports. Continue reading

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